Timber Pizza, November 2019

Hey there,

My name is Jenny Pally—welcome to my website!

Think of me as your creative and strategic partner. I help my clients sharpen their brand identities, develop their marketing and communication strategies, and engage more deeply with their audiences. My areas of expertise are branding, print and digital media, CMS development, user experience, user interface, and product design. I also work with my clients on operational projects, from establishing best practices for user testing to creating templates and tutorials. 

I am a graduate of  Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), where I received a BFA in Communication Arts, majoring in Graphic Design. I currently reside in Washington D.C. where I have worked as a freelance design consultant and as a product designer for Atlantic 57, the consulting and creative division of The Atlantic. 

While attending SCAD, I made a conscious effort to explore mediums outside my program of study (graphic design). I believe my personal appreciation and study of painting, drawing, photography, filmmaking, motion media, letterpress, and advertising elevates my ability to assist my clients as a better, more well-rounded designer. Professionally, it’s why I’ve been able to collaborate successfully with teams and my clients to do truly cohesive and disruptive design work. 

My highest priority to my clients is to elevate and evolve their brand while taking into account the  experience of their audience and execute client’s objectives and deadlines. 

When collaborating on a project I value the diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives my colleagues bring to the table and know that cohesive partnerships can benefit and help them achieve their goals.


On the weekends you can find me out and about around Petworth, painting with friends, restoring furniture, cooking elaborate meals for friends and family, hiking with my brother, or at a party,
with the cat.

Interested? Send me email: