Art of the 

Brooklyn Bridge

Book Design

Summer 2017

The objective of this project was to redesign both the exterior and interior of a book speaking about a place. The focus for designing the interior was to allow for maximum legibility. To do so, I implemented a two-column system and changed the typeface to Adobe Garamond. Doing this also allowed me to occasionally double the size of the imagery. Since the subject matter of the book is the art created about the Brooklyn Bridge, this seemed appropriate.

For the exterior, I wanted to play with the form of the bridge, but abstracted it by zooming in. The playful colors and the brush strokes suggest the book’s subject matter, while the type choice keeps with the historic context. I used Futura on the back cover to break up all the serif type.


For volume 2, I kept the overall design the same but played with an adjacent color pallet. I felt like that this made it clear that the two books were in the same series, but different. To further clarify the sequence of these two books, on the spine I made the bridge from the first volume continue onto the second. This aspect of the design could be carried on through the volumes and once a certain amount of books was made, all of the binds showed the side profile of the Brooklyn Bridge. Overall I feel as though I created a successful system that can be extended.