I believe the most valuable thing I can do as a designer is make informed decisions. That is why before I sketch anything, I do my research. When I am contacted to work on a new project, I send over a brief questionnaire. The questionnaire is a series of questions about you, your business and the kinds of services you are looking for. This ensures I fully understand my client’s needs, allowing me to better serve them. It also allows for more efficient correspondence, to not waste your time or mine!


After receiving the questionnaire, I am able to give a quote for my work. Along with the quote is a form explaining the work I’ll be doing, and how the pricing is broken down. To determine a quote for the project, I consider how much work is required to complete it and if the work is for a charity or supporting another artist.  After the price point is agreed upon and the timeline is set, both parties will sign a contract.


I will first provide a few concepts that will frame possible directions for the project. Based on your feedback, I will make revisions and create color options. Once the design is finalized and payment is received, you will get the final files. 


It is important to me that you are happy with the design. That’s why I make an effort to work with you and listen to what you are looking for. My process ensures that you will get a quality and original work every time.

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