App Design

Winter 2017

Trippy! is a user experience focused travel app concept. It provides users with a “one-stop-shop” platform for finding the most affordable vacations, travel planning, transportation and lodging, eliminating any need for other travel-based apps. It is targeted towards budget conscious millennials who aspire to travel.


Creating Trippy! was an amazing experience. Working collaboratively with my friends and fellow designers, Abby McCormick and Iman Sinnokrot, exposed me to the benefits of working as a design team. It helped me understand the value in being able to communicate to help troubleshoot a problem. Whenever we disagreed about an approach to a problem, we allowed each other to explain our reasoning and we come to a compromised decision. Ultimately, having different perspectives made our project stronger because it accounted for how different people would interact with the app.  During our process, we not only focused on the design aspects, but also focused a lot on our user experience.

Wireframe Structure Map

Before prototyping we created a structure and sequence the the user could go through to complete an action in the app; such as planning trip, booking a flight or finding a hotel. 


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